Finding the perfect eyeglass frames for your face shape, colouring, and lifestyle should be simple and fun. Visit us at 1 Young Street in Hamilton and explore your options with eyewear from the world's best brands and discover which shapes and colours best suit you.



Ninety years of experience, unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values – all backed by a name you can depend on: Lafont. Glasses made in France that have made Parisian chic accessible.

Francois Pinton

Historically bold, eternally avant-garde, each of François Pinton frames is unique and marked by a style that has grown since 1953. Today the House François Pinton signs a collection of frames with new colors and bold forms whose refinement and know-how are the key words of a brand that continues from generation to generation ...


Shuron has been an optical manufacturer since 1865. Shuron has survived almost 140 years within three centuries and two millenniums by producing quality, fashionable products that remain in style and demand. Very few companies in the world can make such a claim.


If the wearer requires a simple, single vision prescription such as reading lenses a lower priced option is available in the form of pre-finished lenses. These top quality lenses are mass produced which helps keeps the cost down. If the wearer requires strong lenses which may result in thick and heavy lenses in the pre-made type, then custom grinding is the way to go. This will result in a pair of glasses that are much more comfortable to wear. Custom grinding is also used in all multifocal prescriptions, such as bifocals.



Tooling refers to the fine adjustments opticians make to your frames and lenses. Our registered optician, Kevin Rodger, grinds, files, heats and adjusts your frames for a perfect fit. Frames of all types tend to lose their shape due to heat and use so it is recommended to come in and have your frames adjusted every season. As always, adjusting your frames in done in house, right away for no charge!


We are currently working the following insurance companies and plan to work with more very soon. Please check back.